House Extensions & Loft Conversions in Derby

If a lack of useable living space in your home is starting to bother you, don’t jump on property search websites just yet. Why move house when you can improve your home? Many people are seeing the benefits of working on their existing homes, adding single and double storey extensions, converting their loft space and reimagining their outbuildings. 

Loft Conversions

By investing in a loft conversion you can maximise the space which already exists within your home. Your existing roof, budget, preferences and planning restrictions will help you to determine which kind of loft conversion would best suit you. 

A Velux roof conversion involves the addition of a roof light which brightens the attic and makes it suitable for occupation, usually without the need for planning permission or a high outlay. Alternatively, a dormer loft conversion extends the existing roof, opening up extra floor space and headroom. Protruding from the roof slope, a dormer is usually positioned to the rear of the property in whichever style is most appropriate for your property and will feature a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls, unlike the traditional diagonal walls of a conversion. When considering a hip to gable loft conversion, it’s worth noting that this will involve extensive changes to your roof. The gable wall will be built to the height of the ridge line, with a new section of roof constructed in order to fill the resulting gap. 

Would you like to unlock the potential of your attic space? Speaking to the team at Premier Building Solutions will give you the opportunity to discuss which type of loft conversion would best suit your requirements. From here you can leave us to get to work whilst you start planning your new bedroom, bathroom or home office and see where your imagination takes you.  


That spare bit of land which is neither use nor ornament is just waiting for you to discover the possibilities of a home extension. If the family is growing or you can’t bear to part with your lifelong collections, the most sensible thing to do is increase the living space within your home by extending outwards. 

It doesn’t matter whether you require a small one storey extension to increase the workspace in the kitchen or a double storey extension to house an extra bedroom and/or bathroom, working with the team at Premier Building Solutions will show you how to overcome your storage problems and embrace your newfound breathing space. 

We work with each client individually to address their unique requirements and present each family with the ideal solution, working through the conception and planning stages right to completion. Why not get in touch today to arrange your consultation and discuss more about the services that we offer?

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